This group is for anyone that needs anything. “I’ve got a guy” The primary way to use this group is to post a need you have & wait to get a hookup on it, extras, etc.. Ex: a job, auto repair, babysitter, etc.. My network of friends & clients is huge, and we should all be doing business with each other for better deals, better jobs, and better everything. Just post whatever it is that you need, or provide, and wait for a response. This is a place where you can get personalized special deals not available to the public. For example: I do marketing for small to mid sized businesses & will give extras to friends and group members that I will NOT do for strangers. Sample post: A) I need my carpet cleaned. Does anyone have a friend in the business? 😎 I am looking to hire an assistant, does anyone know someone I can trust? This group is supported by a trusted & recommended list of businesses that I have personally vetted. Now you have a friend in EVERY business! RULES OF ENGAGEMENT & suggestions: video explanation of rules:


  1. Business owners, please make a 1 page ad and add it as a “file” on here so you are easy to find for people looking. Special deals only for group members are ideal. To maintain a spam free/annoyance free zone, please don’t post more than ONE time just to announce what you do, specials, etc.. (Potential clients get turned off by it)
  2. Please limit posts to actual needs, job openings, freebies, and extras, goodies, etc. (no Friday memes, nasty comments, or silly extras please) Our group is NOT A SALES GROUP, EVENT PROMOTION, “LIKE FARM”, or place to ask for money as requested by members of the group, REDUNDANT POSTS & post “bumps” will be DELETED to maintain a good, fresh feed. 2b. To streamline the group notifications, and so people can find everything in one spot, Every week I will post a “weekly specials” post for everyone to post (in the comment section) all special deals, items for sale, success stories, etc..
  3. Please report misuse of the group, or posts that break group rules.
  4. Please RESPECT all members & do not post controversial things. Always maintain integrity & privately let me know if there is any false advertising, or people saying things that aren’t true, or illegal activity, etc. (It won’t be tolerated)
  5. PLEASE SHARE your POSITIVE feedback publicly in the weekly specials section. If you got a job out of it, let US know!! If you got a great deal, let US know!! Companies are inclined to give you bigger discounts if you show off their good work. (It is the best way for them to advertise on here)
  6. Let me know of other ways that this group can improve!!!! This group isn’t about “ME” it’s all about collectively gaining an advantage in our daily lives, purchases, careers, and to live better, & be better. —>Thank you ALL for making it work!! -Enjoy & don’t abuse!!